Occasional missed data binding on dropdowns?

Using Ignition 8.0.6.

I have a simple screen of 5 drop downs, where the top dropdown is has a list of all our customers, and when that is selected, the next dropdown finds all locations based on that customer, then the next finds its options based on locations etc.

These dropdowns act as user filters for our app, so when the value is changed, we save it to the user in the db.

Each dropdown has a custom property “initialValue” which is the retrieved db value to set the dropdown to on load, the value is uni-directionally bound to it (value is binded to it, but not set to bidirectional).

99% of the time, this works. However, when my boss of all people was testing it, he was occasionally getting it so that a few of the dropdown options were not appearing at all - clicking on them as well showed no data when there should have been. I was only able to make it happen a handful at times at random.

Now, I can’t seem to get it to happen at all. Was this something that was patched? Was I perhaps doing this the wrong way for perspective? Has anyone else had this happen with them?