ODBC Database Connection - CMS AS400

Hello All,

We're trying to create a real-time display for production line where the data only resides within our CMS AS400 system, but no way to visualize.

Attempt is to use Ignition to work as the visualization tool.

Realizing that this connection is ODBC, I know Ignition does not support ODBC drivers. There appears to be some documentations regarding it, but does anyone have experience doing this? I'd like to see if there's some step-by-step instruction from those who's already done it using Ignition.


Thank you,

David Choi

It's possible you can get a JDBC driver:

Another option might be to connect a more modern RDBMS to Ignition, and use it as a 'middleman' to the ODBC-only database. MSSQL calls this 'linked servers', Postgres calls this 'foreign data wrappers', for instance. I would actually generally prefer this option.