ODBC-JDBC and Foxboro AIM*Historian ODBC Provider


I have an XP workstation with all the stuff from Foxboro installed (AIM*Historian V3.3). Tools from Fox are working and I need to connect via jdbc-odbc connector to the historian.

So, I’ve created a system dsn on this machine (wich hold fox tools and Ignition gateway). This dsn is called ‘histfb’.

To verify if the dsn is okay, I tried to pull data from Excel with external data using the dsn ; everything went ok.

I create the database connexion in the gateway with the dsn but no way to have it working.

Can you help me ?

Enclosed : errors messages, dsn configuration (registry extract)


odbc-conf.txt (27.1 KB)

It looks like that ODBC driver isn’t very compatible with the ODBC-JDBC bridge.

I highly suggest you use a pure-JDBC driver connect instead of the ODBC connection.