Odd Tag Quality Values

Good day all,

I recently encountered some strange behaviour when viewing data with the Quick Client. This data is exposed to Ignition from a remote OPC-DA server, through Unified Automation’s UA Gateway. When browsing in the quick client, attempting to read any address returns the following:

Value: null
Quality: [Bad_OutOfMemory] Not enough memory to complete the operation.

On the other hand, subscribing to the same address produces the following:

[Bad_NoCommunication] Communication with the data source is defined, but not established, and there is no last known value available.

It may be good to note that the entire configuration has been tested before with no problems and successful data reading.

Is this behaviour expected under any circumstances? Any tips are appreciated.

Thank you.

It’s hard to see without seeing logs and/or being able to fiddle with it live, but both of those status codes are originating on the UA gateway, so what they ultimately mean is going to be found there.


I cant investigate the UA Gateway end yet, it’s installed on a strictly access controlled server…