Odd warning message

I am doing some exercises that I hope will mimic real-world scenarios. I attempted a hardware failure doing the following steps.

1: Backup Gateway
2: Stop Gateway service
3: Delete config.db and autobackup folder
4: Uninstall.
5: Delete Program Files\Inductive Automation folder
6: I searched around for any remnants of Ignition. I understand that there may be files I missed, but this was ok for my test.
7: Reinstalled Ignition
8: Restore Gateway from the backup.

I am now getting the following warning:

No Client EndPointIdentificationAlgorithm configured for @76ef01bd[provider=null,keyStore=file:///C:/Program%20Files/Inductive%20Automation/Ignition/webserver/metro-keystore,trustStore=null]

Before my system rebuild, I was not getting this warning. I have not found the reason. I was, and am, running Ignition 8.0.7 and do not have SSL encryption enabled.

Does anyone have any idea what I should look at?


I’m getting that message in 7.9.14 as well.
Some associated side effects:

  • Log Messages are not written
  • Messages are not received - it appears that they are delivered but the script in the message handler does not execute

I’m getting the same warning on 7.9.18. On our system, the warning occurs intermittently, and when it does occur there are dozens of log entires spaced about 20 seconds apart.

I’m not sure what the implications are of this warning or what exactly it relates to.

On our gateway, the warning message may be related to issues establishing a TCP connection with a database. I don’t have sufficient data to be sure, but on our system the two issues have a strong correlation over the past 12 hours.