OEE Calculation for Production Line

Hello Everyone,

We are calculating our Plant's OEE in which there is a hurdle to calculate OEE for BIB Line. BIB Line consists of three fillers which feeds the pouch simulatenously in another cartoner line (Master Line) which inserts the bags in boxes.

We are finding difficult to calculate OEE for this as how downtime will be calculated if one of the fillers is down? Will downtime be divided by three (because of three fillers)? Will there be no effect on Availability in case of Filler Failure , however, it will effect Performance of maine Line Cartoner?

Kindly guide us on this.

Danyal Shahzad

Depends on how you model your system.

If the whole line is just a single entity, you should see reduced performance when a filler is down. And maybe enter something like a "slowed" utilization state.

If the line is broken down to something like an entity per operation, you could then see availability and performance loss at the filler level. I might not bubble the availability loss up to the line until it stops completely, but that would be something to hash out with your stakeholders.

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@humphrey.daniel is right here. It does depend on how you model your system. I would take a look at the ISA 95 / ISA 88 physical model standard for modeling your lines first. Sepasoft (an Ignition Strategic Partner) has some really good info on how to set up your physical model in their documentation page on the Production Equipment Model. I would also take a look at this page about Downtime Detection Modes in the Sepasoft (OEE Ignition Module) documentation. Even if you don't use Sepasoft modules, their in-depth explanations of how OEE works for complex manufacturing setups are the best I've found.

At the end of the day, what matters most is how you use OEE to make better manufacturing decisions. If one method makes more sense to you and gives you that helpful insight, then that's the method you should use (imho).

I hope this helps!