OEE Demo project no longer available?

To start I am running gateway version 7.8.2. My plant has recently looked into buying the OEE module and I have been tasked with trialing it and seeing if it’ll work for our application. Upon review I am a huge fan of the module. However, I have been trying to find the demo project that goes along with the training. Would anyone happen to have a .proj for this module?

You need to contact Sepasoft. With OEE 2.0 they are pushing very hard for formal Sepasoft training and Sepasoft design consultation and/or working with certified/accredited integrator (I am one) for any MES project. I doubt you’ll find the demo .proj files publicly available. I only have them because I attended formal training.

The Sepasoft modules are powerful, but you can’t make assumptions on how to use them given habits formed using Ignition.

Go through their online tutorial, it’s about the best you’re going to get.

Dang, that’s kind of what I was afraid of. It looked very much like the sites had been “scrubbed”. We had a meeting about it today, and it looks like we’ll be budgeting for an integrator. Thanks for the reply!

is demo the same project as the one below or something else?