OEE Downtime Reasons won't delete

I’m having a problem when I delete a downtime reason code. I can delete it no problem - then save the project. The original reason code still shows up in my list. Even when I double check that it’s out of the Production Module. I’ve even tried deleting everything and importing the updated list - and the deleted ones still show up.

Any ideas on what to try next?

Restart the module ?

I restarted it - closed everything, etc… the old one is still in there.

I would contact Sepasoft support then.

Yep I have a ticket in with them. I’m just assuming it’s a global problem and was thinking others may have seen it and hopefully had a workaround.

Is this OEE1.0 or OEE2.0?

It’s OEE version 1.0

Here is the reply from SepaSoft - It answers the question but still makes me a little sad. When I tested his theory using SepaSofts slider the correct values showed up.

Hi Natalie,
 It appears you are using your own query to get the downtime codes?
 How are you getting that data?
I checked with the developer and in OEE V1 the code persists in the DB for historical access. The downtime table gets the list from the Downtime Codes existing in the internal representation of the production model.
Currently, we do not support a way to get that list via scripting directly. The intent was to use the supplied downtime table component to manage downtime events. Although this component is based on, and appears as, a standard table it has a large amount of functionality and event manipulation built-in. In OEE V1 these functions are not exposed outside of the component, unfortunately.