OEE downtime wrapper.log error

We are in the process of starting up OEE outside of the demo (disabled demo, disabled production simulator, disabled demo production model) and started a new project configured for a line. The wrapper is recording a null pointer error, details in the attached file. What does this mean?

ProductionRunnerError.txt (1.7 KB)

I noticed the following line did not get copied to the wrapper.log text snippet. It is the first line of the text block.

INFO | jvm 1 | 2013/02/05 17:46:52 | ERROR [ProductionModelRunner ] [17:46:52,137]: Exception executing production model

It sounds like a Production Model configuration issue.
Could you send a project backup and I could take a look at it.

-Pete Low
1-800-266-7798 x246

In speaking with you over the phone it looks like the issue is just that a run has never been started on the new line.
Let me know if starting a run takes care of the issue.