OEE Item based Production Default Rate

Good morning everybody,
I’m currently studying the possibility to implement MES OEE module to track OEE of a gorup of casting machines. For Availability and Quality there’s no problem 'cause the sources of information are clear but for productivity it tightly depends on the type of item the machine is currently casting. Since each machine could be setted up with different moulds and each mould has it’s own cycle parameters (means different moulds, different piece rate) how can I link the Default Standard Rate of Production Outfeed to an already created table with standard values per each mould? If it’s possible of course…otherwise I have thhout about creating a custom OEE count function. Would be that way correct?
The mould id is present on the machine’s PLC so it can be read by Ignition.

Thank you for your help

Davide Bortolini