OEE Outfeed Counts not Incrementing

I’m setting up OEE for the first time and I’m having a problem with OEE Outfeed counts.
My MES counters are Outfeed and Reject.

When I set up a Live Analysis this all looks okay:
Outfeed-Material Out
OEE Reject Count

BUT, I get no counts for OEE Outfeed Count

I do see values for OEE that appear valid, but not data for that one string field.

I’ve tried configuring two different work centers and I see the same thing in each case.

What is this a symptom of? What am I missing ?


Try adding “OEE Outfeed Count” to your live analysis settings instead of Outfeed-Material Out. I’m assuming this is OEE 2.0?

Thanks Paully,

I should have mentioned that yes, it is OEE 2.0

I actually have both “OEE Outfeed Count” and “Outfeed-Material Out” in my live analysis, so that’s how I can see that I’m getting data for one and not the other.


What are the module version of your OEE modules? You should use the latest 2.9.3 SP6

Without seeing how everything is configured, it’s hard to tell what the potential problem is.

I’m running the very very latest version downloaded yesterday.

I understand that it’s difficult to provide enough information to get good help, but I was hoping that my symptoms would trigger someone to point out some obvious mistake that I’ve made. I really appreciate your suggestions.



Can you post a screen shot of the counter setup from the production model?


I can only post one a a time, so:

I figured out what I had wrong, and it was a simple blunder:

In my production model, my production machine was only defined at the “Line” level and no further down.

Once I made my machine a “Cell”, then all the other data came through.

Just wanted to close the loop on this and thank Paullys50!



I put all my counters at the ‘line’ level. I wonder if this would be considered a bug (not surprising given my experience), doesn’t make sense that a cell would be required since you can assign counters at the line level.


Well, I don’t know then…I was reading the manual for the 500th time to see where I went wrong and I saw this:

“It is recommended to set up MES Counters at the cell level in order to accurately capture counts while indexing product on the line. Addition configuration must be accomplished with the cell settings in the production model.”

So I thought “AhhHA! That’s it!” and I made the change and now it works, I think. I’m still working through the numbers to make sure it all makes sense.

If I learn more I’ll reply back again. Thanks again for your help.

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Bill, it looks like you’re squared away, but FYI - a call or email into the Support line at Sepasoft should get to the bottom of this rather quickly. We do NOT actively monitor this forum, so getting direct support from Sepasoft here is hit or miss.

Fwiw, the reason we recommend setting up counters at the cell level (assuming a production line has multiple cells under it - you can ignore this advice if you have a stand-alone machine acting as a “Line”) is that we track the product code through the cells under a line and we want to ensure that the counts are attributed to the correct product that is running at a cell at a given time. Think of a changeover scenario where Product A is being run out on the line and Product B is starting at the beginning of the line. We don’t want reject counts at the end of the line where Product A is getting run out to be attributed to Product B for instance. Furthermore, cell level counters enable us to calculate OEE at the Cell and Line levels.

Hopefully that clarifies the point. If you require additional assistance, please drop us a “line”.

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