OEE problems


In the left-side menu, I can’t only see this options:

MES Modules
Quality Demo
User Manuel

Where can I configure OEE module?

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If you have the Production module loaded you may need to restart it.

What version of Ignition and the modules are you using?

Hi, I am facing this kind of issue. after installing MES modules I am not getting sub menu as ‘OEE Demo’ under MES Modules in configuration of gateway. I am getting Settings and User Manual options only.

The latest version of OEE (1.6.7) does not have the demo included. We are working on a new demo that will be easier for customers to integrate into their own projects.
Please contact you sales rep if you need more help.



i’m trying to test the oee demo but there is no ‘OEE Demo’ sub menu under ‘MES Modules’ Section
Does the latest version of OEE (1.7) have a demo included?
what is the latest version of OEE module & Ignition i have to download to have an OEE Demo?

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