OEE Reporting

The OEE Demo project live charts window doesn’t look as nice as this one from the product web page:

Are those windows available? Also is there any “drill down” reporting in the works for downtime? Or is more comprehensive reporting being left up to the implementation?

We are currently expanding the demo to include a dashboard that will reflect the screens shown as well as other features.

The OEE Downtime analysis tools have drill down functionality. The Analysis screen in the demo allows you to see this is action. The OEE Downtime module comes with components that support drill down. If you would like to see more details on this, I encourage you to call sales and setup a demo.

Because every company implementing OEE and downtime will have their own procedures, culture, likes, dislikes, you may find the need to add to, modify, or even replace the demo screens to best suit their requirements.

I hope I answered your questions,



That does answer my questions. With the limited data in the demo it was not obvious what was happening with the Analysis screen at first, but with your encouragement and some more clicking around, now I see how the drill down works.
Thank you.