OEE RunID without Work Order

I am trying to implement OEE Downtime for a customer that only has one product that they run 2 shifts a day, every day.

They do not want to create a work order or schedules every day they just want a new RunID every morning

So far, if I script a endRun() event the enable run and running do drop out but the run started and enabled stay on. the run can only be restarted with a resumeRun(), another startRun() does nothing, and then it has the same RunID, shift changes do reset the OEE calc but the Item count just continues since it is just one big run.

Is it possible to trigger a new RunID without a Word Order or changing Product Codes

Yes, you can start a new run by just setting the product code and start the run.
These scripts show an example of how to control the line run state without using
the scheduler and work orders. Product Codes are still required as the
OEE module requires a target rate and this is provided by the product code.

projectName = name of your project
systemLinePath = complete line path of the line, e.g. OEEDemo\Your Enterprise\Site 1\Processing\Line A
productCode = a product code to set the line to, e.g. PC_001

[code]# end a run
print “Ending run…”
system.production.endRun(projectName, systemLinePath)

Call gateway script to set a product code for the project and line

system.production.setLineProductCode(projectName, systemLinePath, productCode)

start a new run

system.production.startRun(projectName, systemLinePath)[/code]