OEE & SPC Features


It would be nice if the model tracked downtime that has not had an operator select a reason for a downtime event. This would allow for reporting of operator engagement of the downtime tracking process. Not all process can accurately give a sound reason why the line was truly down. I understand this can be done thru scripting but it seems like standard functionality that end users would want as a whole. I imagine an analysis chart that would show # of automatic DT events vs # of operator reason DT events. A bonus would be to filter out DT events Less than X time or events that have notes added.


If a user has both the SPC and OEE module. It would be advantageous to utilize the OEE information to automatically add samples to the SPC module, for lines that automatically reject material using automation. For example if the OEE module knows the total # of widgets built during a run and also knows the # of non conforming widgets and why. Why couldn’t that information just be passed over to the SPC module as a sample. This would allow the end user to easily measure Run Quality information. Currently the OEE module will only tell me FTY but not the underlying Pareto information.

If I am reading this correctly, for your SPC side, you want to create a sample at the end of each run that states number of parts and the number of nonconforming parts? If you use the system.quality.sample.data.getNewByDefName(String defName, String locationPath) or if you do it in the gateway system.quality.sample.data.getNewByDefName(String projectName, String defName, String locationPath) that will return a reference to the sample. Then you can use the update sample script. You can create these functions if everything is already being called out correctly.

I am aware of that. That is why i was posting in the Features section. If the OEE module already has the information why would i choose to script it over to the SPC Module. It would be nice if that was just part of the two modules working together.