OEE Time Chart - Part Numbers

New Ignition user here trialing Sepasoft and Ignition.
Looking at modifying the information that is displayed in the tool tip on the time chart entries.
Would like to change Name: with Part number and Code : Pallet #(metadata).

Just now diving into learning the Perspective module information so any help would be appreciated.

Ignition 8.1.20
OEE Downtime 3.81.5

I've never worked with this module, but that looks like a tooltip to me. Are the tool tip properties accessible and modifiable?

Appreciate the response Justineedwards.

I'm just now getting into Perspective components and have a lot to learn.
If I am able to do this, I will update this post.
Hard for me to understand why the part number we are running would not be in this Sepasoft chart component natively.



Consider opening a ticket or feature request with Sepasoft.

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We are actually in a trial period working with an integrator thru a proof of concept.
Did find out that we are not using all of the functionality that drives this OEE chart which is why the part number information wasn't available. Appreciate the feedback.

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