OEE using historian

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I succesfully create OEE projects using relational database. Tag event were pushing relational data in DB about operator, quantity, quality, downtime etc…

But does someone have done it using only historian data that are linked together only by time? In theory, everything is there…


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It is not terribly difficult if you know how to use lead/lag window functions in your database. And you have sufficient detail of both events and production schedules to yield the inner detail you are interested it.

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Thanks for the awnser.

But what if I have an OPC-DA connection to an external historian?

I’d replace the external historian with a real database.

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did you switch to using historian?
did you figure out tradeoffs?
did you find examples, tutorials, or instructions on oee from historian?

We finally switch to the Sepasoft modules.

However I still think the historian should be the main datasource. It would be more robust to have one gateway that act only as tag provider and historian driver. And a second gateway that run the Sepasoft module and the project.

If you didn’t have sepasoft, what insight would you say?

We have a GE Plant Apps MES that get it’s data from a Pi historian. It is very robust because if the MES crash, the data is not lost and the MES can get himselft up to date later.

I think if there would be a way to replicate this in Ignition, it would be cool. However, for sure it’s gonna be more complicated.