Office viewer

Is it possible to incorporate some ActiveX component that will show a powerpoint presentation inside an Ignition client?

Unfortunately, we do not have support for embedded ActiveX components. If you can export your file in a format like .pdf, you could use the PDF Viewer component to view it inside a window - or, you could try the Web Browser component if you can export in a format that doesn’t require any closed-source plugins to view.

Any update over the past year? Any success with using a .pdf version presenting pages on a timer in succession, as in a kiosk?

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I think you will have to do some scripting to roll through the files in PDF Viewer, but I am curious what we can come up with. I want live data displayed, not static.

It is frustrating that Ignition can’t work better with Office.

I have resorted to using the Task Scheduler to schedule the file opening in PowerPoint upon client restart. It is complicated to get the group policy settings in the Admin, and authorizations to enable the Project to remotely restart the clients within our domain configuration, but I am determined to win!

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I am converting my powerpoint files to images and then uploading to a database. Then I load the images and switch them on a timer, If I close the header, and footer on my project it results in the same effect as a power point presentation (minus the effects)

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I imported all of my “slides” into the image Management and they were named Image 1 through however many slides I wanted. I then used an indirect tag controlled by a timer in a plc to change the name of the image.

"MDI Power Point/image " + {Root Container.grp_SlideShow.img_SlideShow.imageNumber} + “.png”

Works smoothly for me.

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