Official docker image


Any reason to use the official branch instead of ?

If so, can I upgrade my kcollins 8.1.4 to inductiveautomation/ignition:8.1.10?
Or do I need to make a clean volume and restore a backup?

Well, at least for now, there’s not many compelling reasons to switch if you’re already using Kevin’s image.
He’s hard at work adding features to the official image to bring it to parity (he’s already added a ton), but it’s still missing some more ‘niche’ features.

As for actually doing the upgrade, you could in theory directly restore the data/ volume from one to another, but in practice I’d say a .gwbk is probably cleaner to ensure you don’t carry anything unnecessary from one base image to the other.

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Thank you replying.

I think i will stick with kcollins for now.

And as you say, I think i will make a clean docker container with the official image at a later point, restoring using the .gwbk.