Offline application

in our facility we need to implement application for our MilkRun (train which is riding around our facility, it loads and delivers packages).
We need to prepare ignition application for him. But our wifi coverage is not 100 (We have some blind spots).
What is best way how to create ignition apllication, which can read/write into database even if it is time-to-time disconnected out of ignition server?

So right now I investigating posibities, how to prepare simple kanban application for use case with un-stable connectivity.

How does it looks with feature Offline mode for Perspective (i cannot find any planned backlog for development)?
Or if it is too far in future, would the vision module work?
Or do i need to invest into Ignition Edge device?

Thank you for advices

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Please anyone has some good tips to create ignition application, which can time-to-time run offline and still needs to work for users (with delayed data upload into database, when server connection is ready)?

I would say an ignition edge devices are probably going to be the best route. I know there was some talk of an offline option for perspective, but without knowing how that is going to work, its hard to say if it will suit your needs in this case.

Vision won’t work since it needs a connection to the gateway in order to view or update data. Edge technically does too, but the edge gateway can be used as your client. It can store things locally then sync to the gateway if needed.

Edge Panel Edition should take care of that.