Offset of address in PLC siemens

i just still learning Ignition, please help me explain what’s offset mean? anyone can help me explain clearly about offset
thanks everyone alot

Address = 100.0
Offset = 3
Address = Address + Offset

(new) Address = 103.0

offset when i call a Input or output in PLC siemens, like IX3.2 i don’t understand offset what to do

Offset is just a ‘fancy’ word for how much the address is off from the base (0 - zero) address…
If you have address for Input (in Siemens) like I0.0 then input 10.0 is at offset 10.

Like from Ignition manual:

IX20.3	Bit 3 of the Byte at Offset 20 in the Inputs area

It’s just Input at address 20 bit 3 - IX20.3

0ffset just address to make you remember the localtion of byte or word, right ???
thanks u alot