Ofs with ignition 8.0, timestamp event issue


I have an issue using the schneider OFS server with ignition 8.0 to create the timestamp alarm.
Ofs require to set a special subscription group name, which is scan class in ignition, in order to get the timestamp alarm from PLC.
We are able to set at first following the group name _Group_0000 for default scan class, and able to get the timestamp alarm.
However, when the ignition server switch over to secondary, and switch back to primary, the group name become _Group_0001 which is different from the timestamp group setting, only when we restart ofs server it will back to _Group_0000.
And we have no way to fix it.
Is there any solution for this ?
Thanks a lot.

COM connections in Ignition have a “UniqueGroupNames” setting - have you tried setting this to false?

Where do i find this setting ?

In the Ignition Gateway when editing the OPC COM connection that you have configured for the connection to OFS. It may be hidden by default until you clicked the “show advanced” checkbox at the bottom.

Hi thanks Kevin.
Will try that out on monday.

I have a concern, if i have multiple PLC need the timestamp event, if i create all PLC tags under the same scan class, will it be under the same COM subscription group? Example all different PLC tags under default scan class, will it all under _Group_0000?

If all the OPC tags from those devices are from the same OPC COM connection then yes, if they are in the same group they will be in the same COM subscription.

Same OPC COM connection does it mean configure in the same scan class in ignition ?
For this project all the points required timestamp alarm so we just configure all tags from all PLC in the default scan class.

Sounds like you don’t have any other choice than to create everything in a single scan class and therefore a single COM subscription.

Hi Kevin,

Your setting works and I have fixed group name now.
But I face another issue after that, the OPC works well for a while, but after few hours all the tags will go to Bad quality, but the value will update following the PLC changes, means it actually get the value change, but no alarm show. After restart OFS server it will back to normal and then after few hours Bad quality again.
May I know what troubleshooting steps we need to perform and any suspected reason ?

We are on ignition 8.0 and ofs install with license as well, sometime we also face quality become :Bad_Trialexpired, this is another issue.

possible to identified the cause ?

I think you may want to start a support ticket at this point, I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this any more.