OK to backup gateway while it's running in production?

I recently inherited an Ignition system. I don’t have much (or any real experience) with Ignition. I have a production environment where about a dozen projects are visible in the Ignition designer / Ignition gateway.

In regards to backups, more specifically (Gateway backups (gwbk)). I can see how to create a Gateway backup, everything looks very straightforward and easy. My question is . . Is there anything to be concerned about when running a backup against a gateway while it’s running and in production? My concern is the possibility that simply running a backup against production processes might cause problems or disrupt production? Can anyone share opinions/thoughts on this?

Nope. Taking a gateway backup should not impact performance or uptime of the gateway.

I’m doing it (almost) every day and until now (in the last 8 years) there was no problem taking backups on gateways in production…

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Yes, I just made my backup. It went quick, only spanned about 2 or 3 seconds, and seemingly no problems at all. Thanks for the help folks!