Old documentation down

Is there a reason why the old documentation is down? I have lots of urls like " https://support.inductiveautomation.com/usermanuals/ignition/system_tag_read.htm" in my browser history, which was very handy when looking for documentation on some features. But those pages seem to be down now.

There are also quite a few dead links on the forums, and some parts of the documentation is completely missing, like most of the “helpful tricks” articles.


First I thought it would be temporary, but it looks like it’s not coming back up.

Hey Sander, I am looking into why it may be down, and hopefully get a link to it on our new documentation. In the meantime, if you have a 7.7 or older version of the gateway, you should be able to go into the configure section of the gateway webpage and click on the user manual link to see the old version of the manual within the gateway. Otherwise, I recommend using the new documentation for newer versions of the software.

As for the tutorial and helpful tricks section, we are in the process of taking the pages from the old manual, improving upon them, and placing them into that section in the new manual. No ETA on when we will get that done, but it is on our radar!

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Thanks, I just feared it was down permanently. :slight_smile:

And I try to develop new features a bit version agnostic, as quite often I get asked to port a new functionality to an older installation, and it’s not always worth the work to upgrade the entire installation.