Old Ignition Server Rehab, Orphan Tag Cleanup

I inherited an old Ignition server recently, and have been learning how to administer it. I’ve successfully upgraded it to v8.1.7 from 7.9 And I’ve cleaned up (deleted) a lot of obsolete devices and old tags.

Currently I only have 10 connected devices, and when I look at each one with the Status, Devices, Details screens and add up the Monitored Item Count I see a total of 4,741 items (tags?).

But the Status, Tags screen on the Gateway says I have a Tag Count of 29,053. I need to find out what these 29,053 tags are connected to, and to delete most of them.

I have access to the default DB (Oracle in this case), and I could probably query for this with PL SQL if I knew the tables to look in. When I connect to the DB I see a LOT of different Schemas and at hundreds (a few thousand?) tables.

How should I find and delete the 25,000-ish orphan tags?

Are you sure they are orphans? The Monitored Item count is only going to roughly match the number of OPC tags you have, assuming there are no other OPC connections to other servers.

All the rest can be memory, expression, folder, etc… tags that may actually be in use.

Not sure at all if they’re orphans. There are 9 projects on the server, only one of them being used and it has 6-8 vision screens on it. Pretty sure it uses nowhere near 25k tags. Being able to see them would be an excellent start, imo.

Well, it’s been discussed to death here, but we do not have any built-in tools to assist with finding unused tags right now.

It’s actually a little more tricky than it seems on the surface, because references to a tag can be entirely dynamic and indirect, so it’s not like a simple search/replace is going to find every reference to a given tag with certainty.

Anyway, a tag cross-reference tool is something that’s in early design phases right now, so maybe some day…

Thanks Kevin! Good to know. We’ll clean up what we can, and not worry too much about what is left.