Older TI 505 PLC OPC driver

We have switched about 90% of our systems into Ignition using the onboard OPC drivers. We have several old TI 505 processors left, but can not find a driver we can install in Ignition. We currently are using Kepware, but we are down to having these few PLC’s on the Kepserver. We would like to shut the server down and not have to deal with Kepserver licensing anymore. Has anyone found a protocol convertor for the TI505, are a driver we can install in Ignition that would work?

What communication modules do you have? A quick scan of the manual and it appears Modbus is an option but you may need a MODNIM (Modbus Network Interface Module).

We just have the standard modules native to Ignition. Most of our stuff is Rockwell or Siemens. We do have some Modbus, mostly air compressors and building control. We did not have any luck getting Modbus to work on the TI. Was hoping someone was aware of a protocol convertor (hardware) that would do the job. Did not try a MODNIM, do you have a suggestion for one?

I would suggest reviewing the documentation first, I just skimmed it.

The native protocal is CAMP Packed Task Code, you might be able to find some sort of translator, but kepware would usually be the answer. I do most of my work with Modbus and with the driver included in ignition I have gotten rid of almost all of my kepware installs.

Kepware KepServerEX is your best bet for the 505 line.
505 talks DDE which you will not find a native driver for.
Kepware translates the DDE to OPC and back for Ignition.