Older Unified Installer and FPMI, what's the deal?

My most recent version of the online unified installer (, downloaded on January 30th 2008, maybe…) detects FactoryPMI 3.1.4 as the latest version. I think another copy I have of 2.1.4 has the same problem.

I downloaded another copy of the online unified installer today ( and it correctly detects FPMI 3.1.5 online.

The older unified installer does work correctly with a FactorySQL upgrade.

The thing is, I’ve suspected this several times, but hadn’t been able to pin it down. It’s silly to have to frequently download an online installer to get the latest version - particularly since the version of the installer itself isn’t well tracked. Also, I have (older versions of) the online installer posted on a couple of sites.

Perhaps the online installer needs to go out and check for version upgrades of itself prior to upgrading. Is an installer changelog available?

This shouldn’t be the case. The Unified Installer (on or offline) gets the newest version information for FactoryPMI and FactorySQL from a file stored on our website. I’ll look into why this is happening in the older versions.

Great catch Nathan! It was grabbing the newest version, but not updating the names correctly. It will be fixed and online by the end of today.