Omit Zeros in Data Series

I am using a Timeseries chart to trend the data below. I am looking to omit the zeros when trending. Is there an option in the Timeseries setup that allows for a user to exclude values?

Don’t try to do it from the chart (since that wouldn’t be an option I would expect the chart to have) - do it with your query. Look into the UNION statement; roughly, it looks like you could:

SELECT Series, First Shift as Data from {table}
WHERE Data > 0
Select Series, Third Shift as Data from {table}
WHERE Data > 0

That should output a single result dataset, with only two columns. You’ll likely need to order them so the timestamps are in the correct sequence, which may require a subquery, but I think looking to solve this in the chart is the wrong place.

Thank you for the quick response! We are trying to trend both First and Third shift on the same chart. I will go back to our SQL team and discuss other options.