Omron CJ Series PLC

Has anyone had success with connecting to an Omron CJ Series PLC? And if so can you please describe the hardware used. I have access to both ETN21 and EIP21 cards if required

The current Omron driver is not FINS compatible (Ours are ETN21), so I’m having to use KepWare. No new drivers will be worked on until Ignition 8 is released, as per this thread.

I can’t say if you would be able to get useful information using @pturmel’s Ehternet-I/P driver, but it may be worth a look.

Thanks, I will check that out. Are you using modbus with the ETN21’s I figured thats the route I would have to go. Read here somewhere that the EIP21 may not support this?

We’re currently using KepWare’s OPC Server.

The modbus function is done with ETN21. That is one of the option that you can link to the CJ series

If I want to connect to CJ2M-CPU13, which kepware driver should I use for serial Port?
Is it Omron Host Link?

Sorry, was on vacation…

The default on the serial port is Toolbus, I think. Changing the serial port to Host Link would be my suggestion, as I son’t remember if KepServer has one Toolbus specific.

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HI @nader.chinichian is your CJ2M-CPU13 to Ignition communication is working? please can you help to share what you have done?

Hi no I use kepware instead

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Hi @nader.chinichian,
Thank you for your reply.
Could you please give me some explanation of what you have done for CJ2M-CPU13 -> Kepware
-> Ignition, and and which type of kepware software you have used.

Thank you somuch

Ignition has an Omron FINS driver now as well. As long as you have an ethernet-enabled CJ or CS series you should be able to connect.

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HI @Kevin.Herron,

Thank you for your reply.

We are going to connect to CJ2M-CPU13 and this CPU doesn’t have Ethernet port only serial port.