Omron CJ2M CPU33

I am having issues to configure OMRON tags
This is what I have configured with no sucess
as I understand for OMRON I have to configure the tags under the GATEWAY first and then under the designer..
Any help welcome.

The tag configuration in the gateway is optional, it just makes them browsable, but you can also create tags manually and just specify the address.

I'm not sure if D05026 is valid or not. Can you try without the leading 0? If that doesn't work there may be some logging to try.

thanks, that's a valid address, I can see it in the PLC software, I tried with no leading zero D5026 and DM5026 with no sucess.
I reviewed the log here , but I don't see anything related to that tag/plc, do I have to look in other place other way to check this issue events?


I found the issue, I was assigning DESTINATION NODE in the Gateway., Once I put it in 0 it works