Omron FINS Driver - Write to array: Unsupported?


I created an array of short, 40 elements in the D area, BCD16 format.


If I set values in the PLC...
D4400 = #4400
D4439 = #4439

They are seen as expected in the vision designer tag browser.

However if I click an element, there and attempt to write...

Error writing to D4400[1].value: Bad("Bad_NotSupported: The requested operation is not supported.")

I created an array of short in memory tags, one can write individuals in the same manner there.
Is this expected? Or am I missing something?

default tag provider,
default tag group

Many OPC drivers only support writing complete arrays.

Yes indeed. I thought that might be the case, but in my initial tries I failed.

Revisiting since your response = success.