Omron FINS tag connection issues

Hey, we are having some issues with tag connections using the new Omron FINS driver.
Currently we are upgrade a project from 7.8 to 8.0.13, running on windows 10. The PLC is a CJ2 using the FINS-TCP connection. The device connection in the gateway is connected and we aren’t seeing any connection issues in the logs.

Some tags with UDT’s just work and some tags within the UDT just need to be disabled and re-enabled for it to start working. Has anyone come across this before?

The only thing i can see as being the common setting is we are reading an INT(16bit) type from the PLC and scaling the tag 100(0)/1 to get a Float - decimal figure. I think this was tag design was due to a previous SCADA onsite that didn’t like 32bit tags.

Seems to be device connection related. If we disable/enable the connection in the gateway all tags seem to come back

I think given the problems we’ve had with UDTs lately it would be best if you could reproduce this without using UDTs.

Disabling and enabling the connection is like swinging a giant hammer at this problem and there’s no way to know what part of the system actually responded to all the things that happen when you do that.

If regular top-level tags that aren’t a part of a UDT also exhibit this behavior then we can at least rule out the tag/UDT system.