Omron NJ Driver Beta

I have just started a large project involving an Omron NJ PLC. I have started using the Omron NJ driver but noticed a pretty large bug with the tag table.

I do an export of tags from Sysmac Studio as instructed by the Ignition help. Importing the text file works fine and will generate all the tags needed in the table.

However when i click the “Save Changes” button, the Ignition Gateway throws up an “[color=#FF8000]Internal Error[/color]” page.
I have discovered that this results in the tag table not being saved to the gateway, because any time i Enable/Disable the Device or restart the gateway, the tag table is lost.

Hey, thanks for reporting this. I believe we’ve found and fixed this already. The Omron module in the 7.8.2 release candidate should include the fix.

Right you are, thanks for pointing out that new release. Issue seems resolved. :thumb_left: