Omron NJ Driver vs NX Processor

Can anyone verify that the NJ Driver will work with an NX platform?

@richardNZ15, perhaps? I figure if anyone would know, it’s you. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a new facility going up, and I’m trying to get my caffeinated squirrels in a row.

Hmm. I think it does, but don’t these also have an OPC UA server built in?

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One of my customers has reported to me that it does work with the NX.

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@Kevin.Herron, I think so. It may be model dependent, and the OEM hasn’t finalized on which one yet.

@pturmel: Thanks, Phil. I was fairy certain it would, but it’s nice to have verification.

The NX processors also support Ethernet/IP I/O connections… with at least 600-byte buffer sizes. The NX7 can do 1400+ bytes in its I/O buffers. My module does support these large buffer sizes. An Omron engineer spent a day with me exercising these capabilities on one of their demo units. I haven’t had an excuse to buy one for my lab. Yet.


Yes @JordanCClark they do, my customer bought a top of the line NX7 when they came out to alleviate comms issues we were having with two separate NJs.
We haven’t had to do anything different to get it to work the same way as our NJ501 unit.

They are pretty impressive units, with separate core for handling comms, our load factor on 1000ms requests went from something like 120% to 10%.

Still having issues with the remaining NJ PLC struggling with comms load factor, might need to make a separate post about ideas to help with that.

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