Omron NJ PLC Driver in Trial Mode

I have an application where I am connecting to my very first Omron NX1P2-9024DT1 PLC.
I want to test the OMRON NJ driver in trial mode before committing to the customer a license upgrade purchase for the module.

I have the module in Trial mode, reset the Trial License to run 2 hours, set up comms to PLC ( verified by Ping ), but the status of the PLC Driver is always in IDLE.

Will this module work in Trial Mode?
I have no tags set up yet, as the Import Tag from *.CSV is not working either.

It works in trial.

You can set com.digitalpetri.enip.ChannelFsm to DEBUG and then edit/save to see if you’re actually getting an initial connection or not.

My guess is since you have no tags that you connect, get disconnected for inactivity, and the driver is lazy and won’t reconnect until actually needed, so you remain in the Idle state.

OK will try that.
I manually entered a tag in Tag Broswer, and after getting correct syntax, PLC driver status transitioned from Idle to Connecting . I currently am connecting remotely to site and have the Omron PLC disconnected , so this is progress.


I am using NJ driver against NJ and NX PLSs. No issues, either trial or licensed

Tag import was not work as i saved as a CSV file and not as a Tab Text file.
Works now