Omron NJ question

Why must the address's be added under the configuration driver?
I get that then it allows for 'browsing' etc, but is an extra step 9yep, the db can be imported etc)

Is there no way to add the tag inside the designer the old conventional way..?

No, the NJ driver will only query tags that it knows about. If you want a better experience, you might consider the new Generic Client in my EtherNet/IP alternate driver.

(No tag import required--all published global tags in the target are browsable.)

am I allowed to ask why that is.?
How does it not know about them when an ignition tag asks for it.?

Now, I know not much about IO servers/drivers etc so am sure there is a very valid reason.

Sure, you can ask. Not sure IA will answer. At least, in regards to the auto-inclusion of directly addressed item paths. (I don't include them either, but my driver does browse.)

As for the browsing, it's because I had to reverse engineer how to do it, and IA won't do reverse engineered protocols.