On-Call Rosters - Can we select a specific Contact Info?

We have users in the User Sources. And when we build a call roster, we select a user source and then select one or more users from that user source for the roster. If the user has more than one Contact Info profile, the user is contacted with each Contact Info profile.

For instance, if I am set up with a Contact Info profile that is an email to my work email address, and another profile set to my home email address, when an alarm trips and my roster is in the notification block, I get two emails, one to each email address.

If we could select which profile we want to use when we select a user for the call roster, that would allow us to set up the same user in multiple call rosters, so the desired call roster can be selected in each notification block in the pipelines. It could also allow picking more than one Contact Info, if you wanted it to go to both email addresses.

As it is right now, the only way I see to do this is to create the user multiple times in the User Source, each with a single Contact Info profile. In other words, if Joe Blow has two email addresses, we would have to set him up twice in the User Source as Joe Blow(Email1) and Joe Blow(Email2), or something similar.