On-Call Rosters "User priority"

In the On-Call Rosters configuration I see there are some arrows to change the position of users

Does it change something? Is it possible to control the user priority when it comes to sending alarms through a pipeline?

For notification profiles like voice, the calls are made one at a time, in order.

For other notification profiles like SMS and email, it doesn't matter, because they are sent in parallel.


Further to this, I'm attempting to only have the call be made to the second user on the list if the first call goes unanswered. Does anybody have some advice on how to achieve this? The way it works now is that the call goes out to first user and regardless of whether the call is answered then it calls down the list.

I guess you need some kind of feedback before you move forward to the next call. Another case is if someone answers the call then it gets cancel for everyone. You would need feedback on that one as well.