On demand sidebar dock

Hello all,

I have a sidebar dock in my perspective session with the setting below:

When I launch the project, the sidebar is always open although I specified it to be on-demand. I do not know what I am doing wrong here.

I see nothing wrong here.
When i do just this, i does not open
. i notice a rather odd dock idd (juding from the view name) is that being used elsewhere?

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The sidebar on my side opens only when I launch it. so it is open at the beginning but when I close it, it acts normal and it does not open unless on demand.

maybe there is a script somewhere that opens it? try changing the id or do a search on “fluid-sidebar”

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You are correct Victor. As soon as I delete that dock id, it acts normal, now I have to check to see where that has been used. Thank you!!!

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