On filter property on table(prespective)

I want to use filter property on table(perspective) without the search bar appearing on top of the table. Is there any way I can do that? I bind the text on filter to a text field that I created.

You can just filter the query or binding where you get the data.

Running into the same situation right now… Here’s how I did it. Enable the filter feature on the table and then add a style property to hide the filter bar.


Then you can bind the text property of the filter to a text field or do whatever you want with it. I have a text field and button that will set filter.text to the text field text when the button is clicked or when the Enter key is pressed.

EDIT: Everything I said above is still true but I found out that the table filter will try to match everything entered in the filter text field. In other words, you can’t search for multiple words and the filter return the results that contain phrase1 or phrase2 - it will return the results that contain phrase1 and phrase2.

What I’m still trying to figure out is how filter a table’s values if the values I want to filter by are in a hidden column. That is how I found your question - it was suggested as I was typing my question. This doesn’t work - column needs to be visible to be filtered…


Thanks for the suggestion.
Can I know which version of ignition you are using?
I can can’t find style property in filter. I think its because of the version of ignition that I’m using.

I’m using 8.1.11… If the version you’re using won’t show the style object, you still might be able to create it yourself (i.e. + on filter → Object → enter style as the name. Then add display: none as a property. This may or may not work, though. I don’t have an older version to test it on.

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I had tried that. It didn’t work. Thanks a lot :+1: