On screen keyboard for Perspective workstation

Hi All
We are using Perspective Workstation application on below Advantech devices
3.PPC-3151SW - Windows 10
We are looking for On screen keyboard which can support for Login process and string entry in runtime screens.
Kindly give your suggestion. Thanks!

Ignition V 8.1.23
Perspective Workstation V1.1.23

Unless I'm missing something, these look like just the monitors. What are you using as the computer? What is the OS?

Device Details

1.IDS-3215R-40XGA1E - Windows 10
2.IDS-3215 - Windows 10
3.PPC-3151SW - Windows 10

What's a problem with using Win10 on-screen keyboard?

Hi @andrew.budaiev It's not working in Perspective Workstation application.

You can try one of the keyboards on Ignition Exchange.

P.S. On-screen keyboard can be dodgy, but you can try to install all of the windows updates and display drivers, it could help (from personal experience).

Perspective Workstation On-screen Keyboard/Keypad (OSK) - General Discussion - Inductive Automation Forum

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try.

Windows 10 and 11 on screen keyboard has worked perfectly for my Perspective Workstation installations. I would suggest Windows 10 or 11 Enterprise IoT SKU for the added control of updates and the 10 year Long Term Support. For Windows 10 switch to "Tablet Mode" on windows 11 it is automatic if you disconnect physical keyboard.

For Hope Industrial touch screens, we needed to go to their website and download the ELO drivers to make the touch experience work properly on Windows.

When it comes to Linux, I tested about 14 distros and only got the on screen keyboard to work with Ubuntu 20.04 and POP!_OS. Some distros have excellent OSK, Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Mint Cinnamon has excellent on screen keyboards and touch experiences but alas, Perspective Workstation did not work with those. Be sure to go to Accessibility settings and turn on the OSK.