On-Screen Keyboard issue

Hello All,

I found a post from about a year ago suggesting that the system.gui.passwordBox function doesn’t work with the on-screen keyboard when using a touchscreen. Unless I’m missing something that appears to still be true. We are using the passwordBox function on a button (displayed on a touchscreen), but the on-screen keyboard doesn’t work, even with touchscreen mode enabled (script below).

password = system.gui.passwordBox("Please enter the password.") if password == "xxxxxxx": system.nav.openWindow("Windows/Setup")

I read one possible workaround of using the showTouchscreenKeyboard function to manually pop up the keyboard, but am having trouble passing the text from the keyboard into the password box.

If this is possible, any recommendations on how to accomplish it would be helpful. If it isn’t, I would appreciate any ideas on making the on-screen keyboard work with the passwordBox function.

We are using ignition 7.6.4

Many thanks,

i have just run into this issue, does anyone have a work around. i cant get the touch screen keyboard to pop up after the box is displayed and when i place the keyboard command before the password the keyboard pops up first then the password box pops up after the keyboard is closed.

Hi Damean and anyone else, I recently had to create a work around involving the Windows on screen keyboard since it is true that passwordBox does not interact with the built in onscreen keyboard.

The following link is an export of the Window. This will only work if you are on Windows and takes advantage of the built in Windows On Screen Keyboard: