On Server Configuration and Windows Server 2008 Support?

Our client is selecting the server for a pilot using FSQL/FPMI. We just need a
reconfirmation regards to Specs and OS. The Pilot Project will handle max
500 Tags and we may provide logging @ 1Sec. Max number of cients at any
time would be 5.


  1. Can FactoryPMI/SQL run on Windows 2008 Operating System (Its a 64 Bit
    OS) ? Or its safer to stick to Windows 2003 Server?

  2. We are considering a single processor server with Xeon Dual Core 6 MB
    L2 Cache. Is this okay or do we need a Dual - Processor Server?

  3. Is 4GB RAM suitable or we need more RAM?


I tend to prefer the simplicity of desktop versions of Windows. Unless you are using the extra functionality provided by a server version of Windows (such as DNS / DHCP / roaming profiles etc.), FSQL/FPMI will happily run on XP or Vista (I prefer the Professional and Business versions respectively). I do realise that some manufacturers don’t provide driver support for anything but server versions of software on their server hardware lines.

A Xeon dual core with 6 MB of cache and 4GB of RAM would be massive overkill for 500 tags and 5 clients. Have a look at this link to see the results of Inductive Automation’s benchmark testing. As a crude summary, with lesser hardware than you are considering they were able to support dozens of simultaneous View clients, while coping with thousands of tag changes every second.

Having said all that, I would agree with the old adage that computers can never be too fast :slight_smile: If your customer is willing to pay for a good specification, take advantage of it. If however you are keen to impress them with how cost-effective the system can be, you might want to consider cheaper hardware. Remember that FactoryPMI in particular scales well by adding additional computers, rather than trying to do everything with one PC. You can start small and grow the system hardware as you require it.


I second Al’s recommendation. Your server will most likely run as a member server - I’d install whatever you’re the most comfortable supporting.

4 Gigs of RAM is more than enough on the XP/Vista/2003 installation you describe. Win 2008 has a lot of neat new features, but the only one that might affect your specs is Hyper-V. You’ll find that virtual servers like a lot of RAM (and CPU cores, for that matter). In return, you’ll get a setup with enormous capability and scalability for your IT needs (beyond FSQL and FPMI).

One final note - I don’t believe IA software has been officially tested on Windows 2008, although it will probably work just fine.

Yeah It runs without a hitch on Server 2008, Ive had it running in this environment for about 9 months now.