One component of template changes orientation when embedded

I am building a pump station graphic, and made a pit template that I want to embed into the page for each pump station site. The graphic appears correct in the template, but when it is embedded only the linear scale, and maybe the bottom concrete graphic changed orientation by 90 degrees. The level indication is still oriented correctly even though they are all part of the same embedded view.

Any suggestions?


How is the embedded view built? Going to be difficult to help with this with out knowing what kinds of containers are involved.

The linear gauge changes orientation depending on dimensions. You will have to make a plan to ensure it is taller than it is wide, like calculating the dimensions or not allow grow etc.

Likely the width is greater than its height. Try reducing the width of the linear scale

Looks like that was it, Thanks!

It lives in a flex container within a flex container. It was the only way I could figure out to manage which items I want to stretch and which I don’t. Is there a better way I should be using, or configuration that would allow me to force this item to scale proportionately?

Side note, is there a scenario where this behavior would be desirable, vs just having selectable orientation? At a glance it seems like someone thought it would be a neat way to set the orientation of the scale, but in the highly adjustable environment perspective is supposed to provide I would think scaling and orientation are two functions that ought to be kept separate.


I have run into this issue time and time again where the emptiness of this component is best used as “Flex” space (space that can be removed without changing the screen) however the orientation flips. We really need a way to force this to remain in an orientation similar to the mirror or reverse functionality ALREADY present on this component. I agree wholeheartedly that in such an adjustable environment Perspective still seems to lack some of the basic functionality that Vision has had in the past. Even with this component I am using an indicator that is the width of the component with the extent of the level to show level because the tank component does not have a level indicator overlay.

If you want to lock the display/orientation of a component then you can’t place it in a responsive container, or you need to put restrictions on how far it can shrink/grow from its basis.