One project is too slow in designer and client

i have one project, which is stable before today
Today i found both the client it is very slow, and i found i can’t use my laptop to open the designer
the only solution is i use the server side(windows 2016) open the designer

after i open the designer , i found the memory is almost 600mb, i feel this is abnormal
i run the software in the designer, and check the output Console, nothing abnormal come out

i don’t know where to check the which cause the software suddenly slow down.

Are you using any periodic gateway-round trip scripts in your pages? For example calling system.alarm.queryStatus from a component binding via runScript? Or sql queries

the only change is i have update this tag to event driven in this project

now i set it to 5s it currently seems ok , but i need observe thanks a lot

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Hey Mr. Liu,

Do you have any update for this issue, I have the same designer slow issue.

Desginer will be slow for Perspective in v8.1.0/2/3 as a bug was introduced. Fixed in 8.1.4. That could be your issue?

Current I update to 8.1.4, and that case not happen again, you can try

Thank you!