One-shot alarm?

Is there a way to make an alarm be a one-shot?

I have an alarm that trips when the temperature goes under 35.0 F and then an operator must manually empty a storage unit but there is no feedback for him/her doing this task. I cannot use the alarm ack from the alarm history screen because once it is set it will never allow the alarm to turn back on.
I can get around this by placing a screen button on it for the operator to press once he is done and then reset it once the temperature exceeds 35.0 F but I am hoping there is a tricky way to just tie the alarm posting as a one-shot.

We spoke on the phone about this. He needed a way to count the number of active alarms from one set of alarms, and the number of active and unacknowledged alarms from the the rest, and to display the sum as an indicator on a screen. You can do this with 3 dynamic properties on your component; one for each set of alarms and the third to add them together.