One-Shot Button confirmation not working in session but works in preview

I have a one-shot button on a view with the confirm property enabled and it works perfectly in the preview mode but in a session the confirmation pops up never pops up when I click on it there. Any suggestions?

People are going to need a bit more context to give you an answer.

What script or logic are you using to open the popup window?

Also, and might seem silly but it's happened to me and I'm sure others - did you make sure you saved the project? I normally Control+S multiple times after changes.

Sorry if it was vague, I am using the feature that inductive has already put on the one-shot button in perspective to have the user confirm before the event on the button is run. The image should show the popup I'm referring to. I have saved my project and seen other changes working in the session. That pop up shown there works in preview mode every time but as soon as I launch a session and test the button it never pops up.

Sounds like you may need to contact support.

Have you tried different browsers? What version of Ignition?