One-Shot Button with Leased Tag in "Subscribed" Mode?

Using Ignition 7.9.2.

I had a one-shot button with a tag that belonged to a scan class with a “Leased” Mode and the OPC Data Mode set to “Subscribed”. When I would click on the button it would write the value (1) out to the PLC correctly, and the PLC would clear the value (back to zero) once it was done in no more than 2 seconds.

The problem I am having is that the one shot button just sits there saying “Writing” for 5-10 minutes (I didn’t time it precisely, sorry). I have OPC Read After Write Enabled. My Slow Rate is 1,000 ms, my stale rate is 10,000 ms, my fast rate is 500 ms.

The only way I was able to solve this is by placing the tag in an identical scan class except that I changed the OPC Data Mode to “Read”.

My question here is, was I doing something wrong? Should the One-shot button have worked correctly even with the OPC Data Mode set to “Subscribed” or is this expected behavior and the true solution really just changing the OPC Data Mode to “Read”?