One-shot buttons and security?

i am having a problem with my one-shot buttons and disabling them with my security parameters. My one shots are set up to be disabled unless the operator is logged in as one of two roles. However they are not disabled. When i first bring up the displays i can sometimes see them come up as disabled but then they get refreshed and become enabled. I am using the same security scheme everywhere and it works on everything else, buttons, data entry fields, etc. It even works if i select “hide and disable” as opposed to just “disable”.
Is this something i am doing wrong or a known problem?
I am running ver. 7.3.2.

Thanks, Scott

I’ve been able to replicate similarly odd behavior with the one-shot button. I’ll create a bug ticket for it and we’ll get it fixed up. Thanks for reporting that, good catch!

was just working with one-shots in a new applicaton and it would appear this issue has not been resolved. This time not disabling through security but with the enable property.
the one-shot does not get disabled when the enable property is not set, even if i just uncheck the enable box and do not bind the property to anything.

Version 7.5.3

Using 7.5.3 I was not able to reproduce this here. I tested this with binding the button directly to a boolean tag, and also with an action performed scipt.

If you would like, we could do a gotomeeting to see whats going on. I think this would be the best route to take without being able to recreate it here.

Are you looking at this in the designer or actually launching it in a project? on mine it works when in the designer but does not when running the project.
I have since replaced the one-shot with a regular button and works fine.
Am out of the office today but may have time to look at this tomorrow with you.

Okay, that little bit of added information is what did it. I was able to recreate the problem and I will be adding a ticket into the system to have this fixed.

Thanks for the bug report. This is fixed for 7.5.5