onStartup script not running?

Perspective, Ignition 8.1.1

Recently we had a view that stopped working correctly.

This view has been working correctly (without changes or modifications) for about 18 months.

It has an onStartup script. Somehow, this onStartup script was not running when the view loaded. As I was looking over the onStartup script, adding debug print() lines to it and saving it. After a few iterations of this (and the print() lines not ‘printing’ anything) all of sudden it started working correctly but I never changed the script (except for adding a print() as the first line)

Does anyone know how this could happen?

I should also mention that . . .

A button’s onActionPerformed event seemed to not run either.

(each script in this view suddenly stopped being evaluated) or (events on the view were not being triggered)

Then after saving it a few times without changing the actual logic of the scripts, suddenly everything just started working correctly.

Today, management is asking me what went wrong with this view and how I corrected it, etc. I do not have an answer for them other than (it seemed like bug-like behavior) or (it just started working)

Definitely seems like just a bug. A thread dump while things weren’t working may have been helpful, but I would strongly encourage you to upgrade either way. There are a number of significant issues with 8.1.1 that are resolved in later versions.

Does this problem sound like anything you’ve heard of or a known problem in 8.1.1?

I remember vaguely issues with Perspective threads growing out of control in earlier 8.x versions, but it’s also been a year and a half since 8.1.1 came out, so I don’t remember exactly.